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High Quality Reverse Cameras

We can come to you and supply / install high quality reverse cameras to your car / truck / trailer.

We can at times interface these with your factory screen or add another to the vehicle.

Call us today and discuss your solution !


Mobile Vechile Freeview High Definition TV Tuners

Alert Auto Electrical has a brand new product into New Zealand. These are High Definition Freeview TV tuners. They can output composite video and audio into your car , truck , camper or boat even. Designed to be used on the go and a great addition for Japenese vechiles that already have monitor installed factory into vechile. These units can even output to three monitors. I can supply / install this system at your place Auckland Mobile to you !! Setup / Demo is all part of the service and are vastly becoming a popular item with the change from analogue to digital from next year. These are the only answer. Get yours now !!!



A good battery is very important these days as a lot is depending on it. Alert AE is part of the Ultra and Supercharge programmes. We can come to you and diagnose your vehicles starting / charging system quickly to get you back on the road. Of course backed with 1-2 years warranties nationwide.

If you would like a new battery or even if you would like to add another for better capacity there are many options e.g. using laptops / compressors / fridges we can show you ways of doing this cost efficiently.

With batteries to suit anything ,anywhere let us know and we will get you sorted quickly!!


Starters / Alternators

With such a wide range of vehicles on the road it is important to know which unit can fit your vehicle. Alert AE has facilities to a wide database range to do just that. We can even repair or service your existing unit. If you are looking to upgrade for more output or even if you want your unit done up with chrome let us know. We can do this for you.

All new units come with a great warranty to back them up and if you want, Alert AE can come to you and do the whole job.!!


Stereo / Car Kit / Aftermarket Solutions

Alert AE can come to you and fit your stereo or car kit. We can also offer installation and great prices on reversing camera kits also. We can supply top brands of units at affordable prices fitted or other. Alert Auto Electrical has many years’ experience fitting all makes and models of these units that are on the market. Alert AE can supply these or fit yours at your home or workplace. We can even repair some of these units if they fail. Call us to find out how!!


From a small section of wiring to a full re-wire Alert AE can sort this for you. Alert AE can make up new looms to suit your requirements or even supply quality second hand wiring looms as a second option and can install them for you. Or , if you want Alert AE can customise your loom, even hide it for example in a engine bay even. Give us a call today to find out how!!


Call Alert Auto Electrical Now or email with an enquiry today !!

New Services:


DVD's, IPod, Freeview & Computer Scanning for your Car

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