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Japanese NAV Conversions

Alert Auto Electrical can come to you and convert your existing Japanese Navigation Map System into NZ region maps. In some cases, this can include turning your existing monitor into a touch screen control centre to operate the system. The system is activated by using factory controls and there is no change to the apperence of dashboard at all. Increasing the factory functions and control of your vehicle while making your car stand out from the rest. By using licensed latest software Alert Auto Electrical can make you go WOW !!!

Alert Auto electrical is proud to use genuine licensed legal software AND the best !!!

Alert Auto Electrical is one of the very few New Zealand leaders providing worlds best licensed legal software for you with the option to upgrade maps the right way !!!

Think your car cant be converted !! Well yes it can AND with solutions for you !!!


We have access to many system setups covering all sorts of budgets. Please let us cost options for you today including all in one units, some to suit factory systems with not alot of mods required. We will find something to suit your needs !!!


Please note : NZ maps can only be provided for some cars. Some particular applications may require a replacement headunit which we can normally provide for you.

We are not offering english translations only map options OR headunit replacements.



Contact Alan now and find out more and get yours done today !!!

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