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Biometric Car Security - High Quality European Fingerprint Car Security

CarGuard™ II is a highly secure and easy-to-use system that effectively prevents vehicle and freight theft using highly accurate biometric technology. The system is designed for maximum convenience and quick installation in any private or commercial vehicle. CarGuard™ II seamlessly integrates with telematic solutions, GSM and other tracking systems, as required by fleet operators and providers of wireless vehicle tracking solutions.


Cutting-Edge Fingerprint Identification Technology

Designed to grant use privileges for authorized drivers/users, CarGuard™ II positively identifies the driver using BioGuard’s

cutting-edge fingerprint identification technology. The driver’s fingerprint is verified using the system’s high-speed, one to many matching algorithm. If the driver is not enrolled in the system (e.g., a thief), CarGuard™ II prevents ignition of the engine. CarGuard™ II can operate in either standalone or managed mode to meet the needs of different applications. In standalone mode, the unit controls the remote relays used to disconnect ignition fuel. In managed mode, the unit is connected to a GSM modem which enables monitoring of drivers and unit management from a remote fleet management control center.

Key Benefits

• Simplicity of operation and user-friendliness

• Easy and fast installation in any private or commercial vehicle

• Robust security using BioGuard's cutting-edge fingerprint

 identification technology

• Seamless integration with telematic solutions, GSM and other

tracking systems


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